Red's True Barbecue: A Meat Lover's Paradise

January 30, 2017

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend agreed that we were worthy of a treat, in the means of food, after eating so well for the majority of January. We ventured into Eldon Square’s latest addition of Grey’s Quarter, a vibrant and very popular new food court bursting at the seams with its variety of restaurants and food. We now had an enormously tough and significant decision to make. Where to eat. We had previously tried out Giraffe and Chiquito’s which were both outstanding but we wanted to try somewhere we hadn’t yet been.

I pass Red’s True Barbecue almost daily and always pondered what the food would actually be like after reading and hearing wonderful things from this meat lover’s paradise.  

The restaurant seemed pretty quiet because after all, it was a Sunday evening. The smell was incredibly appealing resembling a true barbecue smell which set my taste buds on high alert. We were ushered to a table almost immediately after stepping in and was welcomed with a large spread of a menu.

Red’s offer the type of food I absolutely love – meat and barbecue. We first ordered a large jug of water before devouring in the words on the menu as we would rather have something that just cleanses our palette and doesn’t fill us up too much, leaving more room for food! We always share our food with each other so we can try two different meals. We decided that one of us would order a barbecue tray and the other would order a burger. Upon this conclusion, we had the tantalising choice on what to order. We opted for the Beef Long Rib and Sticky Chicken Barbecue tray with a side of BBQ pit beans and a double patty Classic Bacon Cheeseburger with skin on fries.

Red’s pride themselves on how long their meat is smoked for. Because the meat is smoked for so long, it only took a maximum of 10 minutes for the food to be brought out. Luckily we were starving! The beef long rib fell off the bone and melted in your mouth due to it being smoked for 8 hours. The sticky chicken was also so soft and succulent with it being smoked for 3 hours. The BBQ pit beans were the finest pit beans I have ever eaten, full of pulled pork and smoked for 12 hours. The bacon cheeseburger was also so lip-smacking.

We decided against dessert as we were a satisfied full and didn’t want to overdo it but the desserts sounded out of this world. Perhaps next time if we opt for the sandwiches instead, there will be room for dessert! If you are a huge carnivore like me, this is the perfect place for you to sink your teeth into.

Have you been to Red’s True Barbecue? If so, what did you order? Let me know in the comments below.

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