PizzaLuxe: An Authentic, Italian Pizza with Fresh, Tasty Toppings

September 12, 2017

If you're ever around Leeds, you HAVE to take a trip to Trinity Kitchen found in Trinity Leeds shopping centre. Every 6 weeks, Trinity Kitchen rotates 5 street food vans allowing foodies and visitors to discover innovative cuisines all under one roof. Along with this rotating method, they have a few permanent outlets including Chicago Rib Shack, PizzaLuxe, Röla Wala, Tortilla amongst them, plus more!
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Yesterday, me and Matt took a trip to PizzaLuxe after seeing and smelling how amazing the pizzas looked. Pizza is one of my weaknesses when it comes to food; the very thought of doughy, cheesy, tomatoey goodness makes me hungry. My boyfriend went for his usual of a Pepperoni and I chose the Bufala - Special Margherita which was topped with lots of buffalo mozzarella, sun blushed tomatoes, oregano, and basil. We both ordered a 12" each as we were famished! We also ordered a garlic bread formaggi made with fresh mozzarella.

The pizzas were a sourdough thin-crust base which is my preferred type of crust. My pizza tasted super authentic and Italian. It just tasted so fresh and homemade. My taste buds were extremely happy! As for the cheesy garlic bread, there was just the right amount of mozzarella and garlic and I will definitely be returning for more.

It wasn't too busy as it was a weekday meaning we weren't waiting around for our pizza long luckily because we were starving! 

Other sides you can order range from nuts, olives, potato wedges and salads. Pizzas range from Carne (toppings of salami, chorizo. pepperoni and green chilli), Lardo (bacon, brie and spinach), Chorizo (chorizo, goats cheese, roasted grapes and honey) to more original pizza like Hawaii and Margherita as well as a make your own option. 

They also do sweet pizzas which I have to say sound strange but are apparently yummy! Topped with mozzarella and milk chocolate or mozzarella, milk chocolate and strawberries, it certainly sounds like a unique flavour and topping combination.

For you students, you can get 20% student discount too! So next time you're in Leeds and fancy a bite to eat, head to PizzaLuxe for a yummy taste extravaganza! 

Last week, we also paid a visit to Röla Wala, a twisted Indian street food venue found opposite PizzaLuxe which I'm planning to write a post on next week so keep a lookout! 

What are your favourite toppings on pizza? Let me know in the comments below!

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