My Favourite 40 things about Autumn

September 22, 2017

Today we say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn (or fall to you guys across the pond!) Although I love summer so much, there is just something about autumn that excites me. Here are my favourite 40 things about autumn!

Autumn Wardrobe

1. Chunky knits
2. Woolly scarves
3. Flannel
4. Cosy socks and slippers
5. Gloves
6. Perhaps even a woolly hat on occasion
7. Chunky boots
8. Layering 
9. Oversized EVERYTHING for ultimate comfort and cosiness 
10. A new season means shopping sprees 
11. Onesies and comfy PJs

The Outdoors 

12. Crunchy leaves
13. Being able to see your breath in a morning and during the evening
14. Energising walks
15. The colours of the leaves - red, yellow, orange, brown, gold are such uplifting colours and everything looks like an oil painting 
16. A crisp, coolness of the air that isn't too cold and is refreshing


17. Halloween (sweets galore!) at the end of October 
18. Bonfire Night (toffee apples and fireworks!) at the beginning of November 
19. Halloween and Bonfire Night means Christmas is edging closer and closer (and also my birthday)

Food and Drink - my favourite thing about autumn!

20. Cinnamon - it's totally acceptable to add cinnamon to everything!
21. Pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate and huge mugs of tea
22. Hearty soups, stews and pies
23. Root vegetables 
24. HEAPS of mashed potatoes
25. Warm toffee sponge, dripping in hot toffee sauce and custard (I am literally salivating at the thought)
26. Warm cookie dough
27. Smores
28. Caramel and especially salted caramel
29. Comfort food
30. Custard - lashings of the stuff


31. Photography - autumn lighting along with colours creates a special vision
32. Books and films - snuggling under a blanket with a hot drink of your choice with your partner/friend/family member during an evening is my idea of heaven
33. Not worrying about if that extra cookie is going to bloat you up or not (that's what layering and oversized clothing is for)
34. Candles
35. Seeing family and friends more often
36. Studying 
37. The sunset
38. Getting into a warm and toasty bed at the end of the day - no need to worry about those hot, sleepless nights you experience in summer
39. Carrying your favourite hot beverage or soup around in a flask on a day out
40. Days out to cities, coastal towns and National Trust places for those long, brisk walks

What's your favourite thing about autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

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