Fruit and Veggies Filled Light Lunch/Snack

July 12, 2017

Studying for my master’s degree in Nutrition in Practice at Leeds Beckett University is edging closer and closer. I move to Leeds in just over a month – how exciting! I basically devote all my free time preparing myself for it. Whether that be reading, watching, talking or listening about nutrition and diet. Of late, I have been super interested in how beneficial fruit and veggies are to health.  

I recently watched the documentaries ‘What the Health’ and ‘Knives over Forks’ (which are available to watch on Netflix). They both focus on how a whole grain, plant-based diet is favoured over a diet containing processed food (which is pretty obvious) and even foods like chicken and cow’s milk.

I thought I ate plenty of fruit and veggies but watching these documentaries confirmed that I DO NOT. Not even close. These documentaries have made me realise that I need to incorporate additional fruit and veggies into my diet. However, I could never be vegan or vegetarian as I love meat far too much.

The main problem I have is a lack of energy. I think this is due to my lack of fruit and veggies, even though I probably eat more than the average person. The recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day are not enough in my opinion. Listening to people’s stories on the documentaries has made me determined to include more fruit and veggies into my diet. The health benefits are more unbelievable than you can ever imagine. 

I think a lack of fruit and vegetables for everyone is down to laziness and the fact foods that aren’t so good for us are advertised everywhere. We instead choose to buy these foods even though everyone knows how bad these foods are. Today I made a lunch which was almost all fruit and vegetables (apart from one slice of wholemeal bread and a couple of baby potatoes) which I think is a decent place to start: avocado on wholemeal toast with a summer salad. Simple yet satisfying.

Avocado is one of my favourite fruits. I have always loved avocado on toast with a sprinkling of black pepper and crushed chillies for a little heat. I used to have it with a fried egg and a load of spinach and occasionally sweet potato but I thought I would try something a little different.

Yesterday, I made a salad which contained spinach, lettuce, grated carrot, spring onion, sultanas, baby potatoes, cucumber, green pepper, celery and tomatoes. It was very flavoursome so I thought I would use some of the leftovers with my avocado toast (minus the egg). Damn it was yummy. I had it for my lunch as I don’t like anything too heavy for my lunch. I didn’t even think about having some chicken to accompany it. I think this could be my new daily lunch! 

Do you include enough fruit and vegetables in your diet? If not, why?

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