Easy Peasy Steak Stir Fry

March 02, 2017

Want to make this delicious, nutritious and speedy stir fry and in under 10 minutes?

First, boil some water in a pan. Add egg noodles into the pan and allow to cook for 5 minutes.
After putting the noodles in a pan, heat some coconut oil in a pan. When it is hot, place thinly cut strips of steak into the pan and lightly fry,
Then add whatever vegetables you want to put into your stir fry. I personally used a handful of baby corn, a handful of tenderstem  broccoli, one red chilli, a handful of spring onions and a handful of sugar-snap peas.
Lightly fry these with the steak and then add two tablespoons of soy sauce and a sprinkling of ginger. Cook for around 3 minutes.
Drain the noodles and toss into the pan to combine all the steak and vegetables together.
Then serve and tuck in!

You can change the amount of soy and ginger based on your preferences and you could also use chicken instead of steak if you'd like! Enjoy!

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  1. Ah this looks so good, I will definitely be giving it a try myself! You are doing amazing with your blog lovely, keep it up! x


    1. It is honestly so tasty and so quick to make! And thank you so much! x