My Christmas Haul so Far (Part I)

November 18, 2016

Although Christmas is over a month away, it is never too early to begin buying items for Christmas. I have bought a couple of presents so far but my main focus at the minute is the decorations for the house. This is my third Christmas with my boyfriend but it is the first Christmas that I will actually be spending with my boyfriend and I can't wait! It is also the first Christmas where we actually have a house to ourselves so lots of new decorations are needed to make our own little Christmas. We started buying these a couple of weeks ago as I believe in buying decorations and spreading the cost over a few weeks. Early is better than late!

So far, we have bought decorations for the tree although we don't actually have a Christmas tree! We have probably done it the wrong way round but we visited the Christmas floor of Fenwicks in Newcastle and got the Christmas bug for decoration buying. That is where it all began. We decided on a red, gold and green theme as we believe these are the true colours of the festive season and decorations of these colours can be found everywhere!

Selection of 55 differently sized baubles of green, red and gold colour from Wilkinsons - £10

Skiing reindeer from Marks and Spencer - £5

Skiing girl from Tiger - £2

Christmas stockings with initials from Fenwicks - £4 each

Robin from Fenwicks - £2.50

Hedgehog from Fenwicks - £5

Robin on a postbox from Fenwicks - £4.50

Santa tree topper from Asda - £3
I cannot wait to add lights and other decorations to this collection but I think I need to actually get searching for a tree first!

Do you have any unique Christmas decorations? Let me know in the comments below!

Best of wishes.

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