Better Late than Never, Hello 2018!

January 16, 2018

It's been three months since I last wrote and posted a blog post because life just got in the way. As a full-time master's student and starting a job which I began in late-October, life got hectic. Working, University deadlines and Christmas meant a very busy end to 2017 for me with a trip to Prague over the New Year allowing me to escape reality for a few days; it was the perfect start to 2018.

It's cliché but I did set myself a number of New Year's resolutions with one to be a more active blogger. My aim is to post at least once a week but twice would be great! I realised toward the end of last year that I was becoming really lethargic; dark mornings and nights probably didn't help! I believe I did not do my University work to my maximum potential as I was doing a lot of late nights and last-minute work prior to deadlines. I was essentially rushing because I had not used my time effectively. Organisation and time management are key to life in general so this is another of my resolutions which I think I am doing pretty well with so far this year!

Another resolution of mine is to attend the gym on a more regular basis which is something I have not been very successful at achieving so far however, I have been working lots and I did have a University deadline yesterday meaning all my time away from work was spent researching and writing. Attending 4-5 times a week is my goal: I can't wait to feel healthier and more energetic again.

Another resolution of mine after beginning to read The China Study over Christmas amongst other research and the fact that Veganuary is well on the way is to try and cut down on my animal product consumption, particularly meat, and replace it with more protein-based plant sources such as Quorn, chickpeas and lentils which I am loving at the minute!

I am hoping to stick to these main resolutions as my 2018 will be so much more productive and healthier if I do!

What are your 2018 resolutions? Can you suggest anything that would help me with achieving my resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

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