From Newcastle to Leeds

August 28, 2017

I hope everybody is having a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! I can't believe how fortunate we have been with the weather this weekend; sunny and warm weather never happens on a Bank Holiday in the UK!

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic for me. I left my job just over two weeks ago. It was emotional I have to say, I'd been there just over two years and met some great people! But this was mine and Matt’s next big step in life which we had been planning and organising for months. We had the mammoth task of moving from Newcastle to Leeds which meant a lot of scrubbing and packing. Turns out we had been hoarding so much junk! 

Although it has been stressful, it is going to be so worth it. We have officially been living in Leeds for just over a week and I love it! We've got a cute little studio flat (which is literally next door to a Costa – yes!) We have made it so homely and student friendly because we both begin studying for our master's degree in a few weeks. We cannot wait! From us both having full-time jobs and hardly seeing each other to both having absolutely no responsibilities means we see each other all the time! I don't think we have started to annoy each other just yet, give it another week or so.

With all our free time, I have been researching lots for my degree because let's face it, who wants to feel unprepared and disorganised when starting a new area of study? Not me! I have also joined the gym which I have to say I am struggling with for motivation. I did leg day a few days ago and have only just recovered from walking around like a penguin. I’m back again tonight; I can’t wait to be a big gym goer again like I used to be.

So far, I have found that there is so much for me to do in Leeds compared to Newcastle and there are SO many food and drink places I can't wait to venture in. On Saturday night, we dressed up and went to Angelica which has amazing views of the city and The Lost & Found where we were drinking mocktails (we have banned alcohol from our diet; let's see how long this lasts!) and taking in the atmosphere Leeds has to offer.

Leeds, Angelica, bar, bars, nightlife, night

I can't wait to continue experimenting with recipes now that we are fully unpacked and settled in our new flat, getting to blog more and learning all the ins and outs of nutrition in my degree! I am so excited to be a student again!

Do you have any recommended bars and restaurants or foodie places for me to visit in Leeds? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Glad to hear you are loving leeds, it's definitely my favourite city in the UK. Hope you settle in nicely and the stress of moving was worth it :)

    Jodie |

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jodie! I think I am going to love living here for a while.