Tenerife: the Spanish Island of Volcanoes and Beaches

June 25, 2017

Hey guys. I firstly want to apologise for my lack of activity lately. On Friday I got back from a wonderful 8 days away with my boyfriend in Tenerife and I'm currently feeling like a tanned (if slightly peeling) goddess. I swear, having a tan makes me feel so much healthier although my holiday was not full of nutrition at all. Ooops. Everyone deserves a break from eating clean though but I'm back to eating healthily again after a sun-soaked week of sangria and delicious food. 

sunset, Tenerife, pretty, picturesque

The little volcanic island that is Tenerife is full of wonderful bars and restaurants in the most sublime of places. Eating al fresco with views of the beach is definitely my type of thing (although dealing with hyperactive flies around my food is not). Sangria and tapas can be found anywhere and everywhere and if you love eating fish and seafood (my absolute food hate), Tenerife is the place for you. 

Tenerife, couple, restaurant

We visited a zoo, went whale watching and did a lot of sunbathing! We were determined to get some sort of tan after last year's weak attempt when we went to Rhodes, Greece. I feel like we both did so much better on the tanning side this year. Phew! Although I somehow really burnt my forehead (as you can see in the photograph above) that I couldn't even cover with makeup. 

Tenerife is very mountainous which makes walking in the heat a sweaty struggle at the best of times. Makeup in the day is a no go! The largest island of the Canary Islands has an active volcano called Teide which I, unfortunately, didn't get the chance to see. Many of the beaches are either manmade or made of volcanic ash meaning there is a mixture of golden and black beaches. I intend to read up about the history of the volcano and how the beaches were formed.

There are so many things to do and I can guarantee that there is something for the whole family. You can go whale, dolphin and turtle watching, scuba diving, visit Siam Park which is apparently an amazing waterpark, Loro Parque and Jungle Park which are the island's zoos as well as many other water activities including jet-skiing and parasailing. A week just wasn't enough to do all these things!

I would recommend visiting Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje, Santiago, Los Gigantes and Playa de las Américas which is the party scene of the island although I didn't visit at night, it was still spectacular to walk around during the day.

I didn't take any pictures of the food I ate (bad food blogger) but I do have a good reason for this! I was also on holiday with my boyfriend's dad and his partner. We ate out somewhere different with them every night and I felt rude taking a photograph of anything I ate whilst in their company. 

From steak to fajitas, pizza to pasta and paella to Canarian BBQ chicken, my taste buds really did have a fun week. I enjoyed the sweet treats too. Walnut brownies and tiramisu taste like heaven. Although we ate loads of food, we also did lots of walking (and sweating - it was so hot!) and I was very camera happy. Here are a few of the photographs I took. Enjoy!

Tenerife, sunset, picturesque

Tenerife, Santiago, coastal, beach

Tenerife, Puerto Colon, harbour, yachts, sea

Tenerife, Jungle Park, zoo

Tenerife, Jungle Park, zoo

Tenerife, sea, whales, whale watching, Atlantic Ocean

Tenerife, Puerto Colon, harbour, yachts, sea

Tenerife, coast, coastal, beach, sea

Tenerife, photographer, photo

Tenerife, nighttime

Tenerife, couple, restaurant

I am back to work tomorrow for 2 days after almost 2 weeks off but then I travel to Barcelona on Thursday for 4 days which I am so excited for. June is turning out to be my favourite month of the year so far!

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