How to Keep On Track of Your Interests and Events of the World with a Busy Schedule

December 15, 2016

The world is so fast-paced and sometimes 24 hours a day is just not enough to fit everything in. That includes watching the news, who even watches the 6pm news anymore? With social media everywhere and every sort of news source available as an app, the news has never been more easily available and with access to all of this information just at our fingertips, there isn't an excuse for not being regularly updated on the news no matter how busy you are.

But phones and tablets only have a limited memory which sometimes isn't enough to house all our social media apps, music, photos and numerous news apps so what if there was a way of combining all of our news information into one place? There is!

I first heard about an RSS feed when I was in my final year of University when I was recommended it in order to keep on top of the latest medical journals and articles whilst researching and writing my dissertation. What is an RSS feed you may ask? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is a way of subscribing and summarising all your interests into just one place using an RSS reader which will check for regular updates on what you are subscribed to and download them for you ready to read. It is honestly such a time saver!

The RSS feed reader I use is Feedly which is so simple to use and is customisable. To subscribe to an RSS feed, go to a website which you have an interest in such as The Economist, click the RSS feed button and then copy the browser address into your RSS reader and it will collate all their latest publishings and will continue to do so as and when more stories are published.

You can not only subscribe to just news websites but also newspapers, journals and articles, blogs, podcasts and videos. Almost everything!

I personally subscribe to medical journals, politics, business, economics and history news sources as well as general news sources. So next time you're on the move and want to catch up on the news or your interests, make sure you have Feedly on your phone!

Have you ever used RSS feeds before? Let me know in the comments below!

Best of wishes.

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